Clinical trials

At Octapharma, we are committed to better understanding von Willebrand disease and to improving the care of people with this condition.

Over 15 years of clinical and real-life experience have already proven the efficacy and tolerability of wilate® in people with all types of von Willebrand disease for surgery, prophylaxis and on-demand treatment.1-3 However, there is still more to learn. We continue to work with the scientific and clinical community to improve our understanding of von Willebrand disease, and are proud to support numerous clinical trials and investigator-initiated studies.

Published clinical trials with wilate®

in people with von Willebrand disease

Ongoing studies in von Willebrand disease

As part of Octapharma’s long-standing commitment to addressing the unmet clinical needs of people with von Willebrand disease, Octapharma continues to carry out clinical trials to better understand the clinical efficacy and safety of wilate® in different patient populations

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Octapharma sponsored clinical studies

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WIL-33           WIL-31

Investigator-initiated studies


The von Willebrand factor in pregnancy (VIP) study is a prospective, multicentre, investigator-initiated study aiming to increase our understanding of postpartum bleeding in women with von Willebrand disease.

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Principal Investigators
Jill M. Johnsen MD
Bloodworks, Seattle, WA, USA
Barbara A. Konkle MD
Bloodworks, Seattle, WA, USA
Peter A. Kouides MD
Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center, Rochester, NY, USA

A multi-cEntre pilot crossover trial of prophylactic wilate® coMpared to PlacebO for heavy menstrual bleeding in patients with low von WillEbrand factoR and von Willebrand disease (EMPOWER)

Principal Investigators
Michelle Sholzberg MDCM
University of Toronto, Canada


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